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Erina Mano , 29
真野 恵里菜
Solo artist, Ex-Hello! Project +3
Born: April 11th, 1991
84 days until 30 th birthday!
Hitomi Yoshizawa , 35
吉澤 ひとみ
Born: April 12th, 1985
85 days until 36 th birthday!
Maki Goto , 35
後藤 真希
Solo artist, Ex-Morning Musume +5
Born: September 23rd, 1985
249 days until 36 th birthday!
Makoto Ogawa , 33
小川 麻琴
Dream Morning Musume, Ex-Morning Musume +2
Born: October 29th, 1987
285 days until 34 th birthday!
Ayaka , 39
木村 絢香 / Kimura Ayaka
Ex-Coconuts Musume, Ex-Hello! Project +2
Born: October 30th, 1981
286 days until 40 th birthday!
Kei Yasuda , 40
保田 圭
Dream Morning Musume, Ex-Morning Musume +2
Born: December 6th, 1980
323 days until 41 st birthday!
Sayaka Ichii , 37
市井 紗耶香
Ex-Morning Musume, Ex-Hello! Project +1
Born: December 31st, 1983
348 days until 38 th birthday!
Hello! Project
Hello! Project is the umbrella name for the j-pop idol collective and the multitude of groups under contract with the Up-Front Group. The flagship group of the collective is Morning Musume. The main p... more
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