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Risa Niigaki , 29
新垣 里沙
Ex-Morning Musume, Ex-Hello! Project +2
Born: October 20th, 1988
65 days until 30 th birthday!
Momoko Tsugunaga , 26
嗣永 桃子
Ex-Country Girls, Ex-Berryz Koubou +3
Born: March 6th, 1992
202 days until 27 th birthday!
Chinami Tokunaga , 26
徳永 千奈美
Ex-Berryz Koubou, Ex-Hello! Project +3
Born: May 22nd, 1992
279 days until 27 th birthday!
Maasa Sudo , 26
須藤 茉麻
Ex-Berryz Koubou, Ex-Hello! Project +1
Born: July 3rd, 1992
321 days until 27 th birthday!
Ayaka Wada , 24
和田 彩花
ANGERME, Peaberry +3
Born: August 1st, 1994
350 days until 25 th birthday!
Hello! Project
Hello! Project is the umbrella name for the j-pop idol collective and the multitude of groups under contract with the Up-Front Group. The flagship group of the collective is Morning Musume. The main p... more
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