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Reira Arai , 23
荒井 玲良
Super Girls
Born: September 25th, 1994
24th birthday tomorrow!
Rika Shimura , 25
Super Girls
Born: October 2nd, 1992
8 days until 26 th birthday!
Mirei Tanaka , 21
田中 美麗
Super Girls
Born: October 14th, 1996
20 days until 22 nd birthday!
Ami Maeshima , 20
前島 亜美
Super Girls
Born: November 22nd, 1997
59 days until 21 st birthday!
Ruka Mizote , 21
溝手 るか
Super Girls
Born: January 25th, 1997
123 days until 22 nd birthday!
Hikaru Watanabe , 24
渡邉 ひかる
Super Girls
Born: February 15th, 1994
144 days until 25 th birthday!
Rina Miyazaki , 24
Super Girls
Born: February 21st, 1994
150 days until 25 th birthday!
Kome Watanabe , 20
Super Girls
Born: March 17th, 1998
174 days until 21 st birthday!
Nana Asakawa , 19
Super Girls
Born: April 3rd, 1999
191 days until 20 th birthday!
Risa Uchimura , 18
Super Girls
Born: June 20th, 2000
269 days until 19 th birthday!
Rino Katsuta , 24
勝田 梨乃
Super Girls
Born: July 10th, 1994
289 days until 25 th birthday!
J-pop, an abbreviation for Japanese pop, is a musical genre that entered the musical mainstream of Japan in the 1990s. Modern J-pop has its roots in 1960s pop and rock music, such as The Beatles and T... more
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Super Girls
SUPER*GiRLS is an all girl vocal and dance group under avex trax. The members were found from an audition held in 2010, which had 7,000 contestants from all over Japan, and by the final round they had... more
11 people belong to this group.
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