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Aina Hoshi , 24
星 愛奈
Alice Project, OZ +1
Born: March 10th, 1997
92 days until 25 th birthday!
Misa Kubota , 27
窪田 美沙
Alice Project, Armor Girls +4
Born: March 25th, 1994
107 days until 28 th birthday!
Nanase Sato , 30
佐藤 七彩
Alice Project, Ex-Slime Girls +3
Born: May 25th, 1991
168 days until 31 st birthday!
Sara Kurose , 25
黒瀬 サラ
Alice Project, Steam Girls +3
Born: August 6th, 1996
241 days until 26 th birthday!
J-pop, an abbreviation for Japanese pop, is a musical genre that entered the musical mainstream of Japan in the 1990s. Modern J-pop has its roots in 1960s pop and rock music, such as The Beatles and T... more
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