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Ciao Bella Cinquetti  edit
Ciao Bella Cinquetti, formerly known as The Possible, is a J-Pop group formed on August 2, 2006. At the time of its inception, the six girls were in Hello! Pro Kenshuusei and they all later graduated on October 7, 2007 from Hello! Project when the Nice Girl Project! was formed. They have also served as backup dancers for Hello! Project and Tokito Ami.

Ciao Bella Cinquetti, then known as The Possible, were formerly a part of Hello! Project from 2006 to 2007, and later produced by TNX and a part of Nice Girl Project! from 2007 to 2015. As of 2015, The Possible were transferred to Up-Front Works and changed their name to Ciao Bella Cinquetti following the release of their new single on July 8. They are now produced by Piccolo Town. The group's highest ranking single, reaching number 3 on the Japanese charts, is "Omotesandou / Futakotamagawa / Never Never Give Up".
There are 5 people that used to belong to this group:
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Hello! Project
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Ex-Ciao Bella Cinquetti
This is a tag for the people who used to belong to Ciao Bella Cinquetti.5 people belong to this group.
Aina Hashimoto, 31
1992-10-03 :: 131 days
Kanami Morozuka, 34
1989-11-01 :: 160 days
Robin Shoko Okada, 31
1993-03-15 :: 294 days
Yuki Goto, 30
1993-06-12 :: 18 days
Yurika Akiyama, 31
1992-10-19 :: 147 days