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Armor Girls  edit
Armor Girls is a group under Alice Project. On December 31, 2013, they graduated from Pa-Ken. The girls perform rock songs based on Irish music, and wear armor and a helmet on stage.
There are 6 people that belong to this group:
There are 3 people that used to belong to this group:
J-pop, an abbreviation for Japanese pop, is a musical genre that entered the musical mainstream of Japan in the 1990s. Modern J-pop has its roots in 1960s pop and rock music, such as The Beatles and T... more
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Ex-Armor Girls
This is a tag for the people who used to belong to Armor Girls.3 people belong to this group.
Jun Amaki, 25
1995-10-16 :: 272 days
Manami Hoshino, 26
1994-08-15 :: 210 days
Miu Itou, 24
1996-08-12 :: 207 days