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Steam Girls  edit
Steam Girls is a group under Alice Project. They were formed in 2012. The theme of the group is Steampunk. They release limited CDs sold at Alice Project theater. They are Alice Juban's sister group and official rival group. They wear gas masks and leg warmers combining steampunk and cybergoth fashion. When performing, they carry prop guns that shoot laser beams and clouds of dry ice.
There are 6 people that belong to this group:
There are 4 people that used to belong to this group:
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392 people belong to this category.
Ex-Steam Girls
This is a tag for the people who used to belong to Steam Girls.4 people belong to this group.
Ayaka Asakura, 27
1994-07-27 :: 311 days
Nanaka Kawamura, 25
1995-12-26 :: 98 days
Risa Sawada, 24
1996-11-06 :: 48 days
Tomoe Koyanagi, 25
1996-04-26 :: 219 days