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Super Girls  edit
SUPER*GiRLS is an all girl vocal and dance group under avex trax. The members were found from an audition held in 2010, which had 7,000 contestants from all over Japan, and by the final round they had eliminated down to twenty-four girls. The finalists then were put into units and were given songs to learn; Unit A had to learn and perform "NIJIIRO Star*"; Unit B had to learn and perform "Kizuna Days"; Unit C had to learn and perform "Be with you". After performing these on stage, twelve girls were selected to be part of the group. In their first interview, they have said that they aim to surpass AKB48. They will debut at A-nation '10 with "NIJIIRO Star*", "Kizuna Days", and "Be with you"
There are 11 people that belong to this group:
There are 4 people that used to belong to this group:
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Ex-Super Girls
This is a tag for the people who used to belong to Super Girls.4 people belong to this group.
Aya Goto, 27
1997-03-05 :: 325 days
Eri Akita, 31
1993-04-02 :: 353 days
Kaede Kanou, 31
1992-10-06 :: 175 days
Saori Yasaka, 35
1989-02-16 :: 308 days