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Risa Yamaki , 19
山木 梨沙
Country Girls, Ex-H!P Trainees
Born: October 14th, 1997
19 days until 20 th birthday!
Nanami Yanagawa , 15
Country Girls, Juice=Juice +1
Born: January 6th, 2002
103 days until 16 th birthday!
Mai Ozeki , 15
小関 舞
Country Girls
Born: February 10th, 2002
138 days until 16 th birthday!
Chisaki Morito , 17
森戸 知沙希
Country Girls, Morning Musume
Born: February 19th, 2000
147 days until 18 th birthday!
Momoko Tsugunaga , 25
嗣永 桃子
Country Girls, Ex-Berryz Koubou +2
Born: March 6th, 1992
162 days until 26 th birthday!
Musubu Funaki , 15
船木 結
Country Girls, ANGERME +1
Born: May 10th, 2002
227 days until 16 th birthday!
Hello! Project
Hello! Project is the umbrella name for the j-pop idol collective and the multitude of groups under contract with the Up-Front Group. The flagship group of the collective is Morning Musume. The main p... more
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Country Girls
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