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Karin Miyamoto , 23
宮本 佳林
Ex-Hello! Project, Ex-Juice=Juice +2
Born: December 1st, 1998
66 days until 24 th birthday!
Manaka Inaba , 24
稲場 愛香
Ex-Juice=Juice, Ex-Hello! Project +3
Born: December 27th, 1997
92 days until 25 th birthday!
Nanami Yanagawa , 20
Ex-Hello! Project, Ex-Juice=Juice +2
Born: January 6th, 2002
102 days until 21 st birthday!
Yuka Miyazaki , 28
宮崎 由加
Ex-Juice=Juice, GREEN FIELDS
Born: April 2nd, 1994
188 days until 29 th birthday!
Aina Otsuka , 24
大塚 愛菜
Ex-Juice=Juice, Ex-H!P Eggs +1
Born: April 3rd, 1998
189 days until 25 th birthday!
Sayuki Takagi , 25
高木 紗友希
Ex-Hello! Project, Ex-Juice=Juice +1
Born: April 21st, 1997
207 days until 26 th birthday!
Tomoko Kanazawa , 27
金澤 朋子
Ex-Juice=Juice, Ex-Hello! Project +1
Born: July 2nd, 1995
279 days until 28 th birthday!
Hello! Project
Hello! Project is the umbrella name for the j-pop idol collective and the multitude of groups under contract with the Up-Front Group. The flagship group of the collective is Morning Musume. The main p... more
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This is a tag for the people who used to belong to Juice=Juice.7 people belong to this group.
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Age average: 25.0
Most common age: 24
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